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Ori Asè

Earth & Jasper

Earth & Jasper

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Introducing the Earth and Jasper waistbead - a unique and one-of-a-kind weight management tool that is selectively patterned with earth tone hues of green, brown, yellow, and orange.
This waistbead is intentionally designed to stand out with its 10 ocean jasper crystals that alternate beautifully with these earthy colors.

Each bead in this waistbead is carefully chosen to create a harmonious balance of colors that complement each other. The combination of earthy tones and ocean jasper crystals gives it a natural yet stunning look.

This waistbead can be worn as an traditional African feminine adornment. By wearing this Earth and Jasper Waistbead, you'll feel more connected to the natural world around you while also looking stylish at the same time!

50" waistbead

*All orders are complete with tying instructions and complimentary Florida Water sample.

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