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Ori Asè

Oshun Energy

Oshun Energy

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Oshún 💛 The magnetic Orisha, the goddess of love, money, and fertility. Oshún's honey 🍯 drips and persuades, she represents everything that is good in life. Oshún's strength is in her intelligence and power of persuasions over woman, children, and especially men.
The ritual dance of Oshún is seductive and coquetish.
Colors that represents the love goddess are 💛yellow 💚 green and gold.
September 8th is the sacred day for Oshún, paying homage and receiving celebrations of the land.
Pay homage to Oshún, awaken her ways in you and shine your femininity bright! 💛

Bead Size: Standard beads are 3.1mm, and Ancestral are 1.9mm in size. 

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