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Ori Asè

Green Growth Strand (Ancestral Guide)

Green Growth Strand (Ancestral Guide)

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Change is not a bolt of lightning that arrives with a zap. It is a bridge built brick by brick, everyday, with sweat and humility and slips. It is hard and slow work. But it can be thrilling to watch yourself progress take shape and form and that your purpose is the result.

*For our custom made waist beads we invite you to choose up to four colors to complete your strand.

Bead Size: Standard beads are 3.1mm, and Ancestral beads are 1.9mm in size. 

*Crystal selection may vary
Every strand is created uniquely and by hand. Each waist bead has its own bead and crystal sequence allowing each strand to be customized. As to be expected each strand has a color selection reference. 
It takes approximately 10 days to manufacture each order. Please keep this in mind when calculating the arrival time of your strand(s). Every waistbead is beautifully crafted by hand just for you!

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