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Dragon Blood jumbo incense

Dragon Blood jumbo incense

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Dragons Blood incense has a deep, earthy scent that is both exotic and mysterious. If you enjoy the dark scents of patchouli or sandalwood but want to add something new to your collection, this is definitely incense for you. This type of incense can be burned alone or blended with other scents. It's also been known to attract protection and love when burned in a ritual before bedtime.

The smoke from these incense sticks is very thick and will fill up your room quickly and around for hours after use. So this one definitely isn't for those who want something subtle. If you like the smell of campfires or baking pies, then this might be the right choice for you.

Dragons Blood Hem incense


Hem 16" jumbo incense stick.

Scent: Dragons Blood

Burn time: Approx 2 hours

10 sticks per pack

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use. 

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