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Melanin Mixologist

All Grape box

All Grape box

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Style of Grapes

Ready to smile and smack at the same time? Get ready to experience grapes as you've never experienced before! Melanin Mixologist has repurposed grapes for the better and has created a dynamite match up of juicy and gooey with our signature Chakra Grapes and Moon Rocks!  

*** Please note, contact will be made via e mail when order is complete and ready for pick up or when order has been shipped by confirmation of tracking number.

Items for pick up will be conducted at 505 5th Ave. #1007 (10th fl. Downtown Des Moines)
If order is not picked up by agreed time and date and no further communication has been made to rearrange pick up then your order will be forfeited after 48 hours, no exceptions, no refunds. Please consume Melanin Mixologist product within 3 days of receiving order. ***
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