Collection: Ori Asé

Welcome to Ori Asè, where we are inspired by the practice and essence of waist beads. Waist beads are chosen to serve an array of intent from rite of passage ceremony to adornment for the wedding night. 

Whether for adornment, spirituality, sensuality, or weight management, beautiful beads and crystals serve and connect with you while on your personal journey.

Originally created in our homeland Africa, West Africa, beads were used to monitor a child's growth. The mothers of the land would put beads around the child's neck, waist, wrist, and ankle to track weather the child was growing properly. During a rite of passage ceremony is the sacred time when waist beads take on the representation of femininity, fertility, and spiritual well-being.

Ori Asè waist beads can be worn as a spiritual tool to aid in body awareness, spiritual mindfulness and self love of confidence. 
All of our handmade waist beads are crafted with string, beads (color energy) and/or crystals (crystal energy). By wearing a semi permanent waist beads it will hold the wearer accountable to their body and spirit. 

Waist beads from Ori Asè will become your 2nd skin that moves will you, heals with you, manifests and protects  your solar plexus of negative energy. If the wearer begins to gain weight the waist beads will be the first to let you know. Weight gain will cause the strand to roll up and sit comfortably in a higher position. Same effect when the individual loses weight/inches the strand with roll down and become looser.
Ori Asè creates and offers a range of waist beads from solid color energy strands to intentionally set crystal energy. 
All strands are crafted and created by Hazel Grace's creativity and hands.
With love, 
Hazel Grace